Monday, January 16, 2006

Decisions and Paperwork ... Oh My!

Do you ever get stuck? I don't mean like physically stuck in the mud, but just stuck in decision making or just really dreading doing a particular task? Well, I do.

I'm currently stuck (or maybe overfaced is a better term) on 2 fronts.

First, an easy one, I'm stuck on appropriately dividing my time between knitting projects. I'm participating in the FLAK and hoping to knit a beautiful Aran sweater for my wonderful hubby. I'm also going to participate in the EZasPi group knitalong for the anniversary Pi shawl. I also have some ongoing socks, CIC knitting, and a few smaller projects. So, how to divide my time between these projects, without leaving any out, has me immobile presently. Argh!

Secondly, is a much tougher one for me...and that's the dreaded paperwork looming in a pile on the table. It really doesn't take that long to complete, but I just dread it terribly. It really makes no sense! I can probably have it completed in an hour or two, but you would think I have to climb Mt. Everest by the way I'm feeling inside. Argh, again! For me, paperwork is right up there with my dislike of housework. And, the paperwork that must be done today makes me feel quite helpless and vulnerable (see picture above).

I really don't understand. I've always loved being on the go, energetic, determined (even stubborn at times), self-motivated, and getting things *done*. However, put me in the house with a mop and broom, or at the table with medical forms and piles of other paperwork, or even several decisions to make about pleasant choices...and I freeze up like an old engine.

I just don't get it. I'd rather be in the barn cleaning stalls, outside doing yard work, on the tractor, repainting a room, or even replacing flooring...rather than doing paperwork of this type, or cleaning the bathroom. You know, I'd gladly rather come and help you clean your house, or do your paperwork, rather than do my own.

Anybody else feel like this? Ever?

I think I'll be concentrating today on the same verse from the Bible that I used earlier. I'll be praying, too (while plugging through the pile of paperwork).

Have a wonderful day everyone! I'm off to conquer those things that have effectively stopped me in my tracks today. And, I'm anxious to have some quiet time this evening to read and prepare for a Bible study that I'm going to be sharing with some girlfriends.
I hope that you are each having a wonderful week and that you don't get *stuck*, or overfaced, in your life. Please know that with Him, we can conquer any situation that tries to hold us back.

Your Friend,


Phillipians 4:13
I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.


Blogger Shelley said...

Hi Shelly! We have the same name as you can see, only spelled differently. Found your blog through Christian knitters and thought I would stop by.

I find it hard to try to work at all my WIP's...dividing the time is hard. Right now I'm learning socks and that is what I am mainly focusing on. I finished my first ever pair last evening, and I've started my second pair alread. I have other projects on the go, but right now they are taking a back seat to my new found sock obsession LOL! Feel free to stop by my blog.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Miss Knotty said...

MMM, this is a tough one, multiple knitting projects. I found your site through Rebecca (Knit Into Him), you'd left a comment there and I always like to surf the blogs of her commenters - they're always so nice!!!

Anyway, yeah. As someone who lives and breathes multiple projects on the needles all the time (mood is a big part of knitting for me, and I never know what I'll be in the mood to work on), The project deadline thing is usually a big help. I always try to keep in mind the things that I'm planning to give to other people. For instance, I'm making my grandmother a scarf, and I promised her I'd have it done as soon as I could (I got the yarn at Christmas and I'm about 1/2-way done). So that's a priority knit for me right now. Once I have that finished, I also have a sock on needles that was a loosely scheduled Christmas present. (pah, maybe NEXT Christmas... ha.) I also have a charity scarf and a scarf for me (b/c my cats ate my last scarf, naughty things.

So the stuff that's promised is at the top of the list, and therefore top priority, but some nights if I just need a mindless knit I'll pull out the sock or one of the other scarves(the patterning on them is decidedly easier). Also, if it's a big knit project and I want a median project, because I need a break from said big knit, I try to cast on something very small, like a sock or a coaster (felted) or a dishcloth or something.

That said, if it's something for a child, I try to have it done as quickly as possible, b/c they grow out of things so bloomin' fast! :)

Anyway, so I'd put it on the priority list. God loves a planner (my pastor actually said at church TONIGHT, ha!), and so planning is the core of what will benefit most. If you have knitting goals (which I saw the Jaegerspun post, so I know you do, and by the way, yummy!), then writing them down and keeping them with your knitting stuff will help you meet them.

As for the paperwork, may God be with you. I loathe paperwork too (mostly b/c it keeps me away from knitting). I wish I could be more help there, but all I can say is just muscle through it. One more 'i' dotted, one more 't' crossed. You can do it.

In Him,
The Whimsy (aka Regina)

9:25 PM  
Blogger Cary said...

Hi Shelly, I saw your post to the EZasPi list and HAD to visit a blog with such a wonderful name ;) I enjoyed it very much. Look forward to seeing how your pi shawl develops and reading more of your daily walk with the Lord. Have you ever been to the Christian Artisans yahoo group? We would love to have you there!

2:55 AM  
Blogger Marguerite said...

Shelly, your blog is wonderful and you write so well. If I wrote as well as you do, I could have truthfully written your entire post.

Right now FLAK is my top priority. When a new lesson is published, the other knitting is set aside for FLAK knitting.

After weeks of agonizing over the Pi KAL, I finally decided not to do it. Do I really want a large circular shawl that has to be blocked every time it's washed? No, I don't. But I want the fun of knitting it with the group. How crazy is that?

I thought about making a sport weight Pi for a CIC caregivers shawl, but I know I'm going to get stressed out if I have too many projects going at once. I do it often, so I know that unpleasant feeling of having too much on the needles and not enjoying any of it.

It did my heart good to know there is someone else like me out there. You'll be in my prayers.

8:22 PM  

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