Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sockret Pal, Care Wool, Knitting, Dust & Thoughts

Sockret Pal

My SockretPal, Sherry (Shayla), sent me her final wonderful package last week and finally revealed herself. She has definitely outdone herself!

Just look at the last box of goodies... : )

There's one package of wonderful Ghirardelli Chocolates missing. They were greatly enjoyed! : )

The handknit socks are beautiful, fit perfectly, and show exquisite knitting skill. I'm starting the book Sherry sent, *Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales* today. There's also a small book entitled, *Blueberries From Heaven*, that I will be reading, too. I will truly enjoy the bird note cards (since I'm an avid birder) and very pretty papers and envelopes in the package. She also included White Hazelnut Chocolate Bath Salts! Have you ever heard of anything so wonderful? And, then there's the adorable little sheep holder with a great skein of beautiful blue Cashcotton inside. Also, girly stickies and a great little purse/pouch for my knitting accessories and dpn's.

Yes, she has sent everything that I would have chosen myself!

This is the first knitting swap that I have ever joined... and Sherry has made it absolutely wonderful! I just hope her pal has been equally as good to her as she was to me!

Thank You, Sherry! I look forward to keeping in touch and hope that we can meet in person some day.

Care Wool

Our Care Wool group has been busy... and productive. We're sending in a big box of hand knitted items to CIC headquarters this week. We still have many works in progress and will be mailing another box before the end of the bigger kid's challenge.

Here's the contents of our current box:

We enjoy knitting together each Sunday at Hastings in Norman, OK from 1:30 - 4:00 PM. You will find us in the Cafe area chatting and knitting every Sunday. Please join us. While our focus is charity knitting, *any* knitting is welcome.


I've been quite busy with other knitting, too. I've completed a pair of socks from Socks That Rock/Bluemoon Fiber Arts lightweight yarn in the Lucy (Barkley) colorway. I really like this yarn!

Here are the socks just before finishing.


and Back:

Do you see the pattern extending from one sock to the other? This just amazed me! I knit both socks at once on one long circular needle from 2 balls of yarn that have been made from the single skein of Socks That Rock yarn. I did not try to match the pattern in any way. I just divided the skein in half by weighing the wound amount, until I had 2 equal weight balls of yarn. And, this is how it came out all on its own.

For these Toe-Up socks, I used Judy's Magic Cast On from Knitty, then followed Queen Kahuna's Toe-Up instructions, and finished with the Sewn Cast Off with Denise's slight modification.
Size 0 Addi Turbos of the 47" length were used on these 64 stitch socks.

These socks are a gift for our daughter, Amanda.

I've also finished an item for a friend. I'll post pictures after the gift has been received. :)

I've also finished a large sweater and a pair of larger red socks for CIC. They are pictured above in the CIC picture. I've got more CIC items on the needles now.


Yes, this is a picture of our most recent Saturday sky. I don't know if you can tell, but the sky is *full of dirt*. Yes, it is a mild Oklahoma dust storm. When you have sustained winds of 40 mph, with gusts up to 60 mph, the red dirt does get air born!

This picture was taken mid-day. I've been coughing and sneezing (allergies) since Saturday. Wonder why?


I haven't blogged much lately. I've just felt like someone has knocked the air out of me. I'm still struggling with the decision that my IL relatives made to have my grandmother *put down* like an animal. I will never understand, or in any way agree with their choice! My grandmother was old and confused at times. They chose for her to be *terminally sedated* rather than seek professional care for her in a care facility.

My grandmother had no idea that they would choose death for her when she signed a power-of-attorney over to my aunt, months earlier. She felt the power-of-attorney would be for used for possible legal matters or other necessary decisions for her care and protection. She had NO IDEA it was giving them the ability to choose death for her when it was absolutely unnecessary! She was awake, alert, eating well, and walking. When she became confused at times and had sporadic sleeping habits, they chose and requested a hospice to administer their *terminal sedation protocol* and have her dehydrated to death, rather than arrange for long-term care!

There are several more details being found each day. Medical details, inappropriate choices, financial irregularities with my grandmother's accounts...and much more. It is now being handled by others that have expertise in these areas. Those responsible will be, and are in the process of being held accountable by all appropriate avenues possible.

I have no idea how any person that participated in these choices can sleep with a single moment's peace...or, sleep at all.

Please pray for any other individuals that may be in the hands and care of hospice's that throw ethics out the window for a bottom-line *profit*.... and for those that may be in the hands of relatives that see the disabled or elderly as being in need of being *put down* slowly and tragically by dehydration.....which has less humane qualities or consideration than that provided for an old horse or an injured dog!

I have been overwhelmed with the tragedy of this, as has my sister and other family members. Please pray for justice in this situation and that those responsible are held accountable.

I find myself having to actively choose to concentrate and think on good things. Otherwise, the anger and grief would consume me. My anger is not only on what they *chose* and what the hospice *did*, but that they somehow think it is *acceptable*
and that they provided a *beautiful death* for my grandmother! The depth of their delusion, selfishness, sickness, and greed cannot be imagined.

Please pray with me about all these things.

Your Friend,



Psalms 42:1

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.