Thursday, December 01, 2005

Decisions, decisions. I'm having such a difficult time dividing my knitting time between knitting items for the children of CIC (see the website here: ) and knitting for family and friends for the holidays. Anybody have advice?

Knitting Content -

The picture above is of a simple and quick knitting project for gifts for family or friends of my own very simplistic design. I cast on 48 stitches and knitted in the round, all stockinette stitch, then kitchener stitched the end closed. I used the lucious Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran yarn, which I absolutely love (one ball per heat/cold pack). I decided on simple and smooth stockinette stitch because I was afraid a textured stitch may cause discomfort if the heat/cold pack was used on some sensetive areas. I sewed a quick muslin bag of the appropriate size for the inside of the knit outer cover. I filled the muslin bag with just less than 1 lb. of organic, whole flax seeds from the local health food store. I placed the muslin bag filled with flax seed into the knitted cover and seamed the open end closed. Simple, quick, and heavenly when you have a headache or a neck ache.

*Heat for only 30 seconds at a time in the microwave, check, and heat for another 30 seconds if necessary until desired warmth is attained. Also, by storing the pack in the freezer, you will have a handy and comforting cold pack available at all times.

Back to Life -

Our daughter drove home this evening from college to meet with the florist about the final wedding floral selections. After her 90 mile drive, the florist had the evening off. Why did the north store schedule her for a Thursday evening meeting at the south store when the florist had the afternoon off.....and has had Thursday afternoons off for years? Well, I decided to have some mother/daughter time and took her out to eat for dinner. After enjoying salad, breadsticks and outstanding chicken fettucini, we were much more content. We decided the florist will be rescheduled and that there is still plenty of time to get everything arranged, literally.

We are so very thankful for all of our many blessings....even the chance to have repeat visits to the florist. : )

It's late, but I'm awake. So, I'm off to knit some more and keep prayers going up for all those in need as I knit. Good night.